The “HERO BOWL” bowling tournament, organized by the Leadership Henderson Class of 2014 scheduled for April 27, is intended to be a fun activity to raise awareness and funds for the SM@RTConnections program and the Henderson Community Foundation. SM@RTConnections is a component fund of the Henderson Community Foundation, a recognized 501(c)3 corporation in the state of Nevada. Any contribution made to the Henderson Community Foundation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by the IRS and may be tax deductible.


Leadership Henderson alumni and friends and family of Leadership
Henderson and the community are invited to participate. 


                                                                      Thank you for benefiting                                                       

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by Sunday Apr. 20

after Sunday Apr. 20

$200 for a team of 5
by Sunday Apr. 20

Each team of five bowlers will be allocated to a single lane. No more than five bowlers can bowl on a lane. Bowlers who register as individuals will be combined into ad hoc teams by the event organizers.

Bowlers who feel that they may need the assistance of lane bumpers may do so for an additional fee of $20. This must be specified at the time of the initial registration.


Wildfire Casino and Lanes has graciously allowed us exclusive access to the venue for our event so in the interests of keeping the event moving we need to keep to the following timetable:

1:30 p.m.
Bowler registration. Teams/bowlers will be assigned to a lane prior to the commencement of the event with their names pre-filled on the electronic scoring system. Each bowler will be informed of their designated lane at registration.

2:00-4:00 p.m.
Bowling tournament. Two games will be played by each bowler with each team of 5 expected to complete each game within a 1-hour time frame. Note that bowling will commence promptly at 2 p.m. Bowlers who are not ready to bowl when their turn comes up will forfeit their frame and have a zero score recorded.

4:00 p.m.
Awards ceremony and prize drawing.

Tournament Rules

1. Standard bowling rules of play will apply unless noted otherwise. The event is intended to be a fun competition, and good sportsmanship will be expected.

2. Bumpers may be used for a $20 fee. Scores will be treated the same for bowlers with bumpers and bowlers without bumpers.

3. No bowling ramps may be used to bowl.

4. Scores incorrectly recorded by the system may be manually overridden, however, if it is discovered that any cheating is taking place that bowler will be excluded from consideration for bowling awards.

5. A team may include up to five individuals bowling on the same lane. Individuals that bowl on a team may register together or individually, where team assignments will be made.

6. Bowlers who have registered for the event but are unable to attend, may nominate a substitute by contacting the registration coordinator, Micah Phillips.

7. The bowling event will be held to a specific timeframe that will be communicated prior to the event. Any changes to the schedule will be communicated at the event.

8. Award judges reserve the right to make final decisions on the awards and make adjustments to rules to accommodate any uncontrolled circumstances, ties in score, etc. that may arise.


Team Spirit: the team that exhibits the greatest level of team spirit. This may include using a team theme, dressing up in costumes, or any other activities. “Team Spirit” is not clearly defined and participants are encouraged to use their imagination.

Best Leadership Henderson Class: awards will be granted to the class with the highest average scores. Scores will be collected for two games and averages generated for all Leadership Henderson alumni. Alumni may not use a bowler to bowl on their behalf. Alumni do not need to be bowling on a team or on the same lane for scoring to count.

Best Team: an award will be granted to the bowlers on the team with the highest average score of two games. Requests to bowl with others on the same team should be submitted in advance to Micah Phillips.

Best Individual: an award will be given to the bowler with the highest average score between two games of bowling. If there is a tie, the judges may arrange for a sudden death bowl-off or other activity to determine the top winner.

Encouragement: an award will be granted to the individual who is in greatest need of encouragement; a.k.a the bowler with the lowest average score.


For your registration questions/concerns contact:
Email Me
Prize drawings and silent auctions contact:
Email Me
For general event questions contact:
Email Me 
For general event questions contact:
Email Me


  • Prize Drawings – Participants and their guests will have the opportunity to participate in prize drawings and silent auctions for items that have been donated. If you would like to donate gift certificates or any non-cash items for the prize drawing and silent auctions please contact Chris Fortier.
  • Lane Ambassador – Each lane will  have at least one assigned “Lane Ambassador” who will assist with any questions that you may have during the event or organize food and drink orders for you.